Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Track Failure

Well, 4 hassle free journeys in a row would be too much to ask. Last night the Hammersmith and City line train arrived promptly at Euston Square (so I don't have an excuse to rant about the frequency of H&C line trains yet). I should have known something disastrous was about to happen as the front carriage was almost empty, so I had my pick of seats. When we reached Baker Street however, the driver announced that due to something on the track in the Westbourne Park area we were being held up and the likelihood was that the H&C line was going to be suspended. Sure enough, the platform announcer then announced the suspension. The train was held at Baker Street while the trains in front made it through Edgware Road. I got off at Edgware Road and joined the milling throngs between platforms 3 and 4, listening to the confusing advice from the tannoys. It really doesn't help for passengers to be advised to take the Wimbledon train on platform 2 when there is no train on platform 2. Eventually the Circle Line train on platform 3 pulled out and I changed at Notting Hill Gate for the Central line down to Shepherds Bush.

At least the communication of the problem was better than the last time, when I waited 1/2 hour for a Hammersmith train without any announcements being made, only to be told by a pimply faced customer service representative that there was no delay, it was a "reduced service".

The Rastafarian flautist who often plays outside Shepherds Bush Central line station wasn't there, which was a shame.

This morning's journey was relatively easy, although there were no seats free by the time the train had come 1 stop from Hammersmith and the train got quite busy, it didn't turn into a sauna like some mornings.


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