Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Normal service is resumed

Not much to report for the rest of last week, Thursday evening's train ran fine, as did Friday morning's and evening's.

Monday morning I arrived at Goldhawk Road at 8:12 to find a notice saying the next train would not be leaving Hammersmith until 8:25. I thought about walking up to Shepherds Bush Central line, but it being Monday morning I decided I could take the extra 10 minute wait to sit down and read Metro. When I got to the platform I could see a train pulling out from Hammersmith anyway, so the advertised delay didn't occur.

In the evening, the board at the entrance to Euston Square said that the Metropolitan line was suspended, but the H&C had a "good service". By the time I got to the platform they were announcing severe delays to the Circle and H&C due to an earlier person under a train at Great Portland Street. To add insult to injury, a Met line train came through. Despite the reported delay, an H&C train turned up in 4 minutes and I got home at about the normal time.

Maybe this is a new London Underground customer satisfaction tactic - announcing non-existent delays to manage customer expectation.


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