Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Mail Fraud

Time to set my sights on Royal Mail (or the delivery company formerly known as Consignia, formerly known as Royal Mail).

When I returned from work on Monday there was a card through the letterbox stating that they had tried to deliver a parcel that was too big for the letterbox. I brought the card into work with me yesterday and called up the post office to get them to re-deliver the parcel today, as my wife will be at home. The person who answered the phone took the details of the parcel and put me on hold (that wonderful rendition of Greensleeves). When they returned they said the parcel was not back at the depot, and must be at the post office. They took my number and said they would call me back when the parcel arrived back at the depot.

This morning, as I left the house, I spotted a parcel, cunningly concealed under 2 rolls of recycling bags. Now, that parcel was not there when I got home yesterday so it must have been left this morning, when both my wife and I were in. I might be a heavy sleeper, but I'd hear the doorbell if it rang. So the postman took the time to conceal the parcel but couldn't be bothered to ring the door bell.

Now, I was expecting 3 parcels. Since the post office didn't call back, I have no idea if this is the parcel they tried to deliver on Monday or one of the other parcels.


Blogger Aisha said...

You had me chuckling -- ok, an easy target, the poor Underground.. and as for the Royal Mail !!

I think in any Western country service is down after the arrvial of email made the postal service identify with its new name, that of Snail Mail.


2:14 PM  

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