Friday, January 13, 2006

Feeling Mooreish

Today I booked tickets for Alan Moore on Gothic Nightmares at the Tate Britain. I've had a bit of a Mooreish week. I heard on Wednesday that Michael Moorcock and Alan Moore would be "in conversation" at the Vanbrugh Theatre on Malet Street next Wednesday. I went down to Blackwells bookshop to buy tickets yesterday only to find out it had been advertised in Metro that morning and had sold out. I bought myself the hardback of V for Vendetta to console myself (and a signed copy of China Mieville's Looking for Jake and Other Stories).

At lunchtime today I was fidgety and bored (I should add that I gave up smoking last Monday, which might explain the flurry of posts over the last 2 weeks compared to the previous 2 years). I hopped on a bus with the intention of going to Forbidden Planet, my normal bored lunchtime destination. On the way down Gower Street I decided to get off at Museum Street and visit Gosh instead (for the uninitiated Forbidden Planet and Gosh are comic shops). I had been tempted by the new Absolute Watchmen in Forbidden Planet, but at £50 it was a little too much to justify having a 3rd copy of Watchmen (not to mention the £190 I'd like to spend on the new editions of Frank Miller's Sin City). In Gosh however it was just £35 so I grabbed a copy. Chatting with the guys at the till about Alan Moore they told me that he no longer autographs any of his works that he doesn't wholly own, due to a falling out with DC. They then told me about the talk/tour that Alan Moore was doing at the Tate Britain.

V for Vendetta
was supposed to have been released in the cinemas on November 4th last year to coincide with Bonfire Night. Due to the scenes where a Tube is blown up it has been delayed until March. I'm unsure what to think of the film since most film versions of comics, particularly British comics, are appalling, I'm not going to hold my breath. Judge Dredd and Tank Girl spring to mind. From Hell is an exception, although it does not really do the comic justice it is a good film. I haven't watched The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but from what I've heard I'm lucky. I also haven't seen Constantine (who started out as a character in Moore's Swamp Thing). I have heard good things about Constantine, but I can't understand why a blonde English character should be played by Keanu Reeves. Watchmen is allegedly in pre-production, again.

V for Vendetta stars Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving, supported by John Hurt, Sinead Cusack, Stephen Fry and various others, so it has some things going for it from the start. On the other hand it is written by the Wachowski Brothers and I never got sucked into the Matrix. I understand they have changed the setting, or at least moved it forward in time (I have heard that the Watchmen screenplay is suffering the same fate). Alan Moore is not happy with the film, but I'm going to reserve judgement until I see it.


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