Saturday, January 07, 2006

There and Back Again (or The Ends of the Line)

Today I went out to investigate the line. Anything to take my mind off being a non-smoker for 6 days. I took the Tube to Temple and walked back to the end of the line I had discovered yesterday, along to Waterloo Bridge and over to the South Bank (I actually had my passport with me, just in case). I walked along past the National Theatre and the back of London Studios but there was no sign of the line, so I went deeper into South London and looked along the road at the front of London Studios and the back of the National Theatre. Still no sign of the line. I did see the back of the London Duck Tours DUKW though.

I walked back over Waterloo Bridge and up to Covent Garden for a detour to Seven Dials and a quick visit to the London Transport Museum shop, then took the Tube up to Kings Cross. Walking alog the South side of Euston Road there was no sign of the line, so I crossed over just West of the British Museum at Mabledon Place. No sign of the line there either, but a few yards along I could see the line on the other side of the road so I crossed back over. Disappointingly the line petered out at the Westbound Mabledon Place bus stop.

So, from the evidence I've gathered the line appears to start at Victoria Embankment, runs for about 3 miles (I'm guessing that based on how long it took me to walk it) and eventually just runs out (literally, there's a few splodges and it just ends). Of course, the line may not be complete. Someone maybe along next week to continue it South of the river and East of Mabledon place. Or it could be just a drunken prank, but it seems a bit much to think a drunk would walk 3 miles laying a neat line along the pavement, carefully skipping the roads.


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