Sunday, January 15, 2006

Red line news

I just wrote a post about the red line and my damn Dell laptop overheated and shutdown just as I was about to save it. Let's see if I can get it posted before it shuts down again. (This time the laptop is propped up on 4 empty fag packets to let some air circulate. These are old fag packets as I have still given up smoking, despite the mother-in-law bringing us 200 cigarettes back from holiday.)

A friend of my wife pointed out that the red line closely follows the postcode divisions in that area, which you can see at streetmap.co.uk, where it is marked with a red line! It's close to the red line for a lot of the route, but strays where the line goes down Neal St. and Long Acre, again around Chancery Lane and is a bit to the East at the start of the line.

Where Tottenham Court Road meets Euston Road the postcode division is set slightly to the South of Euston Road and there is a T-junction of postcodes. The map is not quite up to date as that area is where the new University College Hospital building is. This convergence of post codes means that the front entrance to the building is in NW1, the rear entrance is in W1 and the ambulance entrance is in WC1. One of the lifts must be in all 3 postcodes.


Blogger Fimb said...

Don't go in the lift! You might never be seen again!!

8:54 AM  
Blogger Ingers said...

Its part of an illegal artwork by a female student. It was done with spray paint going from South to North and under the cover of darkness. Its actually part of a circle and more is to come ! keep watching the pavements

2:31 PM  

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